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Why dance with SADPA?

Basic facts
  • Pupils - boys and girls from two and a half years old

  • Location - various locations in Ipswich and Somersham

  • Subjects - ballet, tap, street, hip hop and modern dance; musical theatre and contemporary dance

Our students come to us for many reasons - some are looking for a new interest or hobby, some are with us training for what they hope will be their future career as performers and others are looking to complete their qualifications to enable them to teach.

Why dance - and why dance with SADPA?

For individuals, dance and performing arts encourages:
- creativity
- new skills
- confidence
as well as being very social activities that enable and encourage people to make new friends.

Being a student at the Academy also gives them a common interest and sense of belonging.

The self-confidence and self-discipline that such training gives to students will transfer into their everyday lives, whatever age they are.

In any activity that people do it is important that they are happy with the environment that they are in. This is a key factor in the success of the Academy. We work on the principle that people should feel that they are welcome to be involved and that they, as individuals, are an important part of what is happening. If this is achieved, then the best form of recommendation for anywhere will result - word of mouth - and this is how we now gain many of our pupils.

SADPA has been recognised as a Dance Den approved school, which guarantees that we behave in the best interest of our pupils. You can find out more about this and why it is important by clicking here.

As well as our normal dance classes, we offer workshops taught by a variety of teachers, in many different subjects. These provide students with the opportunity to experience new forms of performing arts, new ideas and different ways of working - thus giving fresh inspiration and motivation.

Our pupils have performed at theatres, including the Ipswich Regent, school fetes and fun days, and a number of them have performed with us at The Royal Albert Hall, Sadler's Wells Theatre and Her Majesty's Theatre in London as well as with professional companies and big name stars in our local theatres.

Don't just take our word for this - have a look at what parents and pupils think of us on the ‘reviews’ page

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