our prices

Basic facts

Our prices range from £27.00 to £69 for a 6 week term, depending on the class.  
With family discounts, the cost can be 
less than £3 an hour.

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All prices below  are for a 6 week term.

  Prices vary between subjects bcecause the length of classes varies between subjects

Pom Poms                    £48.00

Sequins                        £48.00

Diamonds                    £48.00

Sparkles                       £48.00

Dazzlers                       £69.00

Seniors                         £27.00

Street                           £27.00

Little Stars                    £27.00

Junior Hip Hop              £13.50

Intermediate Hip Hop    £27.00

Senior Hip Hop              £27.00

Mini Elite                       £27.00

Musical Theatre             £27.00

Other classes

Beginners'  adult ballet  £5.00 per class

Each additional brother or sister in our classes has a 15% discount for the younger one off our normal prices.
Seniors taking 2 or more subjects are given a discount off the individual subject prices.

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