Fees for Little Stars who have moved up to Pom Poms

Castle Hill - Paid £27 18/7 had 1 lesson so £22.50 in credit, £25.50 to pay.

Regent - Paid £27 13/7 had 2 lessons so £18 in credit, £30 to pay.

Martlesham Heath - Paid £27 29/6 had 4 lessons so £9 in credit, £39 to pay.


Here are the latest dates for all fees. These can be paid by cash or cheque in an envelope marked with the student’s name or online. If paying online please make the reference the student’s name. If paying any amount other than the usual fee amount please email with payment details. Payments to be made to account number 04982771 sort code 30-94-55

Sparkles - 4th Sept

Castle Hill Little Stars - 16th Oct

Street - 27th Sept

Diamonds - 21st Sept

Regent Little Stars - 5th Oct

Martlesham Heath Little Stars - 21st Sept

Saturdays - 9th Sept

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