Little Stars in the summer

Looking forward to joining our 🌟Little Stars🌟classes together for the summer. Thursday at the Regent 9.45 - 10.30am. Booking letters went out last week but don't worry if you haven't booked yet - just come along (each class over the summer is £4.50; any fees already paid for normal Little Stars classes will be carried over to September)

Little Stars - Summer Classes

From the week starting 24th July w will just be running the Thursday Little Stars class at the Ipswich Regent 9.45 - 10.30am. The Castle Hill and Martlesham Heath classes will start running again from the week starting the 11th September. Fees paid before the summer will be held and the 6 weeks continued in September. Louise will get booking forms out to all Little Stars next week, asking you to book in advance the weeks that you will be coming over the summer. Also those starting school in September please see previous post for new time. Louise will do a letter for you with further details.

New SADPA Saturday Timetable from 26th August

9 – 10.50 Older Pom Poms (Those who did their Introduction to dance exam or who are going into year 2 in September)

10.50 – 12.40 Sequins (As before)

12.40 – 2.30 Younger Pom Poms (Those who are going into Reception or year 1 in September)

2.30 – 5.30 Dazzlers

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