NEW CLASS TIMES from 1st August 2016

Sparkles 5.30 – 7.30 Monday will become Dazzlers Saturday 2.30 – 5.30pm

Diamonds will become Sparkles Monday 4.45 – 6.45pm

Sequins 9 – 11am Saturdays will become Diamonds Thursday 5.30 – 7.30pm

Sequins 9.45 – 11.45am will become Sequins 9 – 11am

Pom Poms 11.45 – 1.45pm will become Sequins 9.45 – 11.45am

Pom Poms moving into Year 2 at school will become Pom Poms 11.45 – 1.45pm

Pom Poms who are currently in moving into Year 1 at school will stay 12.30 – 2.30pm

Little Stars will be on Saturday 12.30 - 2.30pm

Sorry this is all a bit complicated but hopefully if you find your child’s class time and day you will be able to see what time and day they will be changing to!

The Big Show letter

In case you've put the letter in such a 'safe place' that you can't find it, here is what it says:

It’s getting very close to the show, so it’s time for a few more details.  

PLEASE READ THIS LETTER CAREFULLY AND KEEP IT SOMEWHERE SAFE!  A copy will also be available on the website.

Firstly, thank you for your support so far.  Preparations are going very well and I am very confident that the show is going to be amazing – I have never seen everybody dance so well!! So, please promote the show as much as you possibly can, give out invites, keep reminding friends and family to book their tickets, put posters up (or if you have any other ideas for publicity please speak to me).  It will make a huge difference to the performers if there is a good sized audience. 

Dress Rehearsal  Sunday 10th July (classes on 9th as usual) 

Everybody will be needed from 9.45am for a 10am start prompt. (Except Little Stars who will not be required until 12.30pm). The morning will be spent practising on stage with the opportunity for everybody to watch each others dances.  There will then be a short lunch break and the afternoon will be run as a full dress rehearsal. 

All arrive in black leggings and SADPA t-shirt.  Pom Poms who do not have t-shirt please be in your pink leotard but have a top that you can wear in between times.  (An order for t-shirts has been put in and should arrive soon).

We are aiming to finish at 4.30pm

Please be patient if we are running a little late, we will be working very hard throughout the day to ensure that the audience have a fantastic show to watch and that the performers are completely confident with what they are doing.

Nobody except chaperones will be allowed into the auditorium or backstage during dress rehearsal.  Please wait in the main foyer to collect your child, who MUST be signed out before leaving.   

If your child is to be collected by anyone other than Mum or Dad please put it in writing the week before.

Car Park - will be available for chaperones to use while they are in the theatre and can be used while parents are dropping off and collecting but not at any other time during the day.


Please arrive at 1pm through the main foyer, where they will be signed in (please can they only be accompanied through by one adult to avoid overcrowding).  If anybody different is to be collecting them please ensure this is put on the list at the time of signing in. Please ensure that performers have eaten lunch before they arrive at the theatre.

It should be nice and warm! So, please can Little Stars, Pom Poms and Sequins girls just wear dresses.  If they are going to need a coat at the end of the day please bring it with you when you collect them.

All performers will stay at the theatre for the whole day, they thoroughly enjoy the time in between shows, when we will take them all up to the Circle Lounge to eat their tea.  

At the end of the day performers are to be collected from the main foyer and must be signed out before they leave.  Please be aware that this does take a little while, but obviously, we are doing it for your peace of mind and your child’s safety. 

Car Park – will be available for chaperones during the performances and for dropping off performers only.  No audience members are to use the car park unless given specific permission by the theatre management.

During the dress rehearsal and on show day all performers will be under the supervision of our chaperones who are all licensed by Suffolk County Council.  The only people allowed backstage will be performers, chaperones and SADPA and theatre staff.


For both days please bring: 

Little Stars – black ballet shoes, plain black ankle socks.

Younger Pom Poms – ballet and tap shoes, pink ballet leotard (for dress rehearsal only if don’t have t-shirt), plain black ankle socks. Girls wear plain white knickers

Older Pom Poms -  ballet shoes, tap shoes, tan tights (which they will then have as part of their uniform for when they become Sequins), wear plain white knickers.

Sequins – ballet, tap and jazz shoes, tan tights (toast colour)

Junior Street  – black jazz shoes, plain black ankle socks,  tan tights

Inter Street – black jazz shoes, plain black ankle socks, full length black leggings,   

Diamonds and Dazzlers – ballet, tap and jazz shoes, tan tights (toast colour) black leotard 

Please ensure that all shoes are clean and that elastic is sewn onto ballet shoes.  It is helpful if laces in jazz shoes are replaced with elastic – it saves a huge amount of time!

If you need to order new shoes or tights please do so as soon as possible, order forms available from the website.

Space is very limited backstage so please only send your child with what they have been asked to bring.

PLEASE name everything that comes with your child to the theatre – there will be an awful lot of things all exactly the same!

Dress rehearsal – packed lunch 

Show day – packed tea

Please can these be in a carrier bag with your child’s name and class on.  So that once they have eaten it can all be thrown away. 

Please send plenty of drink, but only water as performers are only allowed to drink water once in costume (flavoured is fine).  They will need a drink in with their food and another in their dance bag.

Hair must be in a bun with no fringe, no scrunchie and no doughnut.  If you need this to be done at the theatre, please send – hair grips, hair coloured bun nets, hairband and comb.

No jewellery inc. earrings, tattoos or nail varnish.

There will be some times of sitting around for some children during the dress rehearsal and shows so please bring something small and quiet to do.  (No felt tip pens).  NO mobile phones or tablets– this is to ensure that we retain control of photos of children that are being taken, so that all performers can fully participate and not be stuck to their phone and because chaperones, SADPA and theatre staff cannot be held responsible for the safety of valuables.  If for any reason you need to contact them urgently you can do so on Louise’s phone.

Inhalers – anybody who has an inhaler must bring it with them on both days it must be clearly named and put into the appropriate class box.

All performers will wear make up on show day.  Please put in writing before the dress rehearsal if this may cause a problem.

I will be at the theatre from 10am on Wed 13th if anybody is available to help with ironing and any last minute sewing jobs, any help will be very much appreciated.

I appreciate that this is quite a long letter but many years of experience have shown that everything runs much more smoothly when everybody knows where they have got to be, when and with what and knows what to expect.

If you do have any further questions then please do get in touch – but I am hoping that I have covered most things!  


Louise Chapman


Volunteers required on show day for selling programmes – please let Louise know if you would like to help.

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